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best filter for shower

best filter for shower

How Effective is the Well Water Filter?

filter for shower

When your water source for your shower comes from the well water, you might as well consider getting a well water filer. There are well water filtration systems that you can employ, as this will help take out the harmful chemicals found in well water that can damage your hair and skin. There are other things that proven unfiltered well water are harmful for the body, but the good thing about today’s technology is that you’ll find something to purify it and protect you and your family that’s why getting a filter for shower is really needed . ShowerMeister 

How to Filter Well Water

Rather than calling it a well water filter, it is better to refer to it as how you can purify well water. If the well water source you have is a private one, it is necessary that you make use of a well water test kit before you determine the best filtration system to use for your well water. You can find several water test kits that are capable of checking the heavy metal or parasite content in the water, including mold and bacteria. The best test kits to use with your well water would be the Water check test kit, which is capable of testing up to 83 contaminants in the water as well as many other factors. Having these will let you choose the filter quickly that will effectively remove all these substances and make the water potable and safe.

It may be needed that you customize the well water filter system that is based on the results of the test conducted above. If you can find the contaminants in the water as referred below, you are well on your way to find ways on how they are treated.

best shower filter

Parasites, amoeba and bacteria

The most persistent problem that you’ll find in water is bacterial contamination, even in very clean water. The ones that come from waste leakage and nearby sewage are the ones that are more exposed to these bacteria. However, not all bacteria are harmful to the body and at the same time, not all harmful bacteria gives off offensive odor or taste. Even when you use  a shower filter, there is a high tendency that you’ll swallow the water coming out from the shower head. This is why many households make doubly sure that the water coming out from the shower heads are filtered out by using shower filters to filter to remove chlorine.. The shower filters are widely available in the market, and you can install them easily, too.

shower filter to remove chlorine

best shower head filter

Lead – this is a common metal element that is harmful to the body. It is tasteless, odorless and even contaminates the water through the pipes that the water goes through. Due to health reasons, lead must be avoided.

Sediment – iron and sand are also found in water, especially from well water. They are visible to the eye, even from a clear glass. You can even collect them through the faucet aerator. You can remove them easily using sediment filters in order to remove them and protect your body at the same time. It will also be helpful to protect your appliances and faucets from getting eroded by it.