Brighten your renovations with Flowers and Custom Glass

Have you thought about renovations? Want to refresh your home but not with the standard renovation. Have you considered a custom closet or even something modern like Glass walls and mirrors? these types of renovation can make your home look very modern for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. They can transform a small space to wide open incredible space. Have a look at the images. With some glass and custom design the house will look like new. Its a great idea to have a consultant come in view your space and come up with a plan. We have many designers that can provide this service. We also have several companies in calgary that can provide custom LED Shower heads  With every re-design we also provide Flowers to brighten your finsihed home complimentary for 4 months online flower delivery right to your door. Combine the glass with beautiful bouquets and you have an incredible space. Renovations can be scary but our providers are BBB Certified and professional glass builders in their own warehouse. they dont outsource the work or sub contract.


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