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Decorating the Modern Bathroom

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Decorating the Modern Bathroom

When you think of updating the bathroom, most of us think of gutting the whole thing and replacing everything.  You don’t necessarily need to go that far.  If your bathroom is in decent shape adding some new fixtures and fittings can give it a whole new look.

More modern bathrooms have more of a minimalist style of design, with a focus on contemporary fixtures.  Clean lines and open space define modern bathrooms, they have less clutter and more of a spa feel.  The minimalist look creates a need for beautifully designed fixtures that stand out and give character.

The right set of fixtures can make the difference and here are some of the best pieces to update.

Sinks and Taps

Sinks and taps are one of the focal points in your bathroom and updating can change the whole look and feel of t...

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